Our friend Charlie Puth called in to chat about his groovy new single, "Attention", off of his upcoming sophomore album. 

He dramatically debuted the single in an immersive Los Angeles music exhibit called "The Attention Room," a LED infinity tunnel soundtracked to his new song. You can virtually wander around the room here


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The Grammy-nominated singer is gearing up to hit the road with his friend Shawn Mendes on the Illuminate World tour. Shawn told us in an interview that Charlie will occasionally send him workout selfies to keep the fitness motivation going. 💪

Charlie jokingly yelled, "OMG, he needs more media training or something," after we revealed the insider slip. 😂

Today Elvis Duran asked Charlie about a particular part of the song that caught his ear, "There is something about this song that has me a bit concerned. In the middle of the song, it sounds like you are having an asthma attack."

"I haven't really told anyone this, but, screw it, I'm going to see you guys first. It's not an asthma attack, I'm fine."He continued, "When I was recording the song [...] I was thinking about the person or the persons that might have inspired this song and... kind of like what they did.[...] I'm not going to say that I was balling crying, but I got a little emotional and I decided to keep the take,"  Charlie told us. 

WHO COULD IT BE?! Fans suspect that the song was written about his former flame, Bella Thorne. Listen for yourself at the 2:31-minute mark

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And don't forget to check out his new single 'Attention,' available on iTunes now!