Sports Illustrated Model Reveals Shocking Facial Scars After Scary Fall

Sports Illustrated model Robyn Lawley made a shocking announcement on her Instagram over the weekend. The 29-year-old model revealed she had a serious accident a few weeks ago that resulted in severe facial injuries. She posted two photos: one that showcased her injuries just after the accident and a follow up to show how she's recovered since then. 

"Nearly 2 months ago I had an accident. There’s a reason I was public about my lupus and aps diagnosis from the start, a lifelong incurable (for now) condition I didn’t know what I or still am in for," Lawley captioned the post. "I unfortunately had a seizure on my staircase, I fell from over 7ft and landed on my face. I suppose it’s ironic that I’m a model, however I’m grateful I didn’t break my neck. I’ve managed to come full circle with that gratefulness, and luck. I could of had it holding my daughter for example, or I could be in a wheelchair, or not breathing at all."


Lawley decided to open up about the accident now because she's heading back to work soon for fashion week. Her scars won't be fully healed by then, so, she decided to be honest with her followers about her condition. While the accident and subsequent injuries are clearly very serious, Lawley is able to talk about them with a sense of humor now. "I wanted to acknowledge my new lighting bolt scar on my forehead (aka offical wizard now 🙋‍♀️) lip and chin," she joked. 

Despite her positive attitude, Lawley isn't shying away from talking about how difficult this time has been for her. "As the scars fade, a part of me wants nothing to do with them and a part of me wants to embrace them. They make us who we are. Plus wearing daily makeup to cover my face is something I do not do," she wrote. "Life isn’t all rainbows."


It seems one of the reasons Lawley was inspired to come forward with her own personal struggles is because she's seen others share their own stories. She even personally thanked Selena Gomez for being so open about her own health struggles, calling the pop star a "fellow lupus warrior."

Lawley is back at work now and she has a message for anybody who's uncomfortable with her scars: they're not horrific or scary, they're "bad ass." Indeed, they are. She also thanked her followers for all their "beautiful support." 


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