GloRilla's Grandma Thinks Big Glo & Rihanna Look Alike

GloRilla and Rihanna

Photo: Getty Images

GloRilla's looks have been compared to Rihanna for so long that even her own grandmother can't tell the difference between both artists.

On Sunday afternoon, March 19, the "Tomorrow 2" rapper hit up her Twitter timeline to share a hilarious voicemail from her granny. In the message that was sent to Glo's mother and then to her, the artist's grandma agreed that Big Glo does look a bit like Rihanna.

"How come you didn't tell me Rihanna and Gloria look so much alike?" GloRilla's grandma said. "I can't tell them girls apart on TV. That girl look just like your daughter."

"My gma confirmed it 😂😂😂❤️Y’all be hating byeee !!!!! @rihanna hey sis I luv you," Glo wrote in her tweet with the video.

After fans made the comparison online, the Grammy-nominated rapper said that she's been compared to Riri several times throughout her life. She told Essence while she was on the red carpet for the 65th Grammy Awards that older people used to tell her she looks like the "Lift Me Up" singer.

“People probably don’t say it no more, but people always told me that I look like Rihanna," Glo said. "Older people normally be the ones telling me that. Younger folks be like, they be hatin’. It’s okay. I can look like Rihanna!”

Not long after that interview, GloRilla continued to boast about "her twin" on social media. While some fans said they couldn't see it, most seemed to agree with her. See for yourself below.

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