You Can Now Unsend A Message On Facebook Messenger

Do you ever send someone a message and then immediately regret it? Well Facebook is here to help! You will now be able to unsend Facebook messages , according to The Verge.

So how does it work you ask? Well first off, the catch is you can only unsend the message within 10 minutes of sending it. When you tap on the message you want to delete, two options will appear: "Remove for Everyone" and "Remove for You."


Unfortunately, even if you use the "Remove for Everyone" option, it doesn't disappear completely — it's replaced with a notification that you've removed the message, so the other people within the message will totally know you deleted something.

Facebook says the new feature is available today on the latest versions of Messenger for iOS and Android. The company says the new ability is based on the Zuckerberg power, but it underwent “some improvements to provide broader functionality to people using Messenger.”



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