5 Ways To Handle A Bad Date

We'll all been there before. You plan a date with that new someone whose caught your eye, but then you get there and you wonder how the heck you ever even thought this was a good idea. Bad dates, they're just a part of life. A learning lesson if you will, but how do you get out of it once your there?

According to experts here's what you need to do:

  1. TAKE A DEEP BREATHE - it could always be much worse.
  2. Reframe the date - you no longer are trying to impress this person, you just have to get through a couple hours so enjoy some good food or a drink and you'll be out of there before you know it.
  3. Ask the person a million questions - Not cause you care but this takes the pressure off you and allows them to speak.
  4. Get a game plan together so you don't run into this issue again.
  5. Don't get down on yourself! Dating is a process but each time you get a little bit closer to that very special someone.



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