Being a Mom is Hard! How Much Would Mom's Make If Their Work Was Paid?

Loving ethnic mother kissing daughter in cozy hut

Photo: Getty Images does a yearly "Mothers Day Index." They look at all the home management jobs a primary caregiver does, matches those tasks to paid jobs, and calculates that salary based on wage information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For many mothers, their job includes balancing tasks at home and working a full time job.

According to Insure, "The value of the everyday tasks mothers do is rising. Over the last year, if moms were compensated for all the jobs they do for their families, they would have received a salary of more than $126,725. That's an increase of 9.2% over the last's years findings."

What this index shows is that mom's do A LOT of work! So this Mother's Day, treat your mom to something extra special and let her know how much you appreciate all of her unpaid labor.

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