A Game of Thrones Fan Set Up a Fake GoFundMe for Bran Stark

It's safe to say that since Game of Thrones has returned society has been reduced down to two types of people, those that are totally infatuated with Game of Thrones and those that have been secretly judging Game of Thrones fans.

Recently a GoT fan made a GoFundMe account for Bran Stark. For those who aren't fans, Bran Stark has been stuck in a cold courtyard and needs help getting out.

The GoFundMe account was posted with a picture and this message: "The poor kid has been stuck here for days. He's obviously too awkward to ask for help so he's just staring at people. It's starting to weird us out".

The page is fake and was made just for laughs but “donations” have come in from some interesting people such as his sister, Sansa, Tyrion Lannister, and "Aegon Tar, I mean 'Jon Snow'".

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