VIDEO: Hailee Steinfeld talks about acting with Fake Bumblebee

Over the summer, Hailee Steinfeld popped by to talk about some things that she technically wasn't supposed to talk about... so I hid this video and went on with my life. 

Now that her projects are out there, it's time to share! 

Her Transformers movie about Bumblebee is out, her tour with Charlie Puth is over, and new music and a show are on the horizon!

What is it like to have to act in Bumblebee, though? How does she not laugh at an imaginary robot that she's supposed to be talking to? Turns out, sometimes they'd put a nice tennis ball on a stick, or create a large torso to help her out. 

When she's on tour, in front of her fans, what makes her notice that one special fan? Well, hopefully they're singing along to every word with her!

And her campaign with Post-Its was all about writing down your goals... so we talked about why it's important to do that! 

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