Rob Carter's Dumb Ass of the Day



A British man didn't realize that when he had a few drinks before boarding a flight from Calgary to London, it would end up being the largest bar tab he'd ever get.

44-year-old David Steven Young admitted to having six drinks before getting on a WestJet flight early last month. Unsurprisingly, he became unruly and repeatedly refused to obey flight attendants' safety instructions. It got to a point where the crew feared for the safety of the passengers, and the pilot decided to turn the plane around and return to Calgary.

But to land the plane safely, the pilot had to first dump 20,000 pounds of fuel, which cost WestJet approximately $21,000. But they're going to get that money back because a judge has sent a bill to Young and ordered him to pay it. He'll also have to spend several days in jail.

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